lely-resort-website-shotStarting off with the clear business logo, LelyResort.com is a real estate website that focuses on Lely Resort real estate in Naples, Florida. The navigation makes finding properties as well as information on the community easy for the users. The overall layout of the site is also attractive and otherwise aesthetically appeasing. Featured listings are not just the most expensive properties, they are actually hand selected. This give the user and potential buyer a realistic idea of great properties at different price points. The property search function is also at the top of the page making it easy to jump right into searching for a specific house. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, the listings for the entire community begin shortly after that below a very well written description of the community and a few of its amenities. The nice thing is that there is enough content to be descriptive, but not too much to bore the reader or cause the reader to get frustrated trying to find listings to view.

On the right hand side, there is a very clear Mobile device badge which clearly identifies that the site will work on a mobile device. The fact that most users navigate from tablets or smartphones these days, this feature is well placed and very important.

lely-resort-website-shot-2The pages interlink well with the community broken up into subdivisions, navigable from the right hand column. A map of the community also allows the potential buyer to look at a birds eye view of the community and see the listings available that way. For those who want specific geographical features on their property or want to see the exact house, this is a great feature to have.

The contact form is pretty simple as is the registration. Calling the office was easy to do also as there is a built in Call from Skype option if you have the Skype plug in for your browser, which many people do have depending on what societal surroundings you live in.

Overall the design, the colors, the use of white space (in this case gray space) and the speed of the site make it a great site to operate on. This is an example of a well created, well laid out and well executed site design.